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Have questions about your cancer diagnosis? Feel like your still absorbing everything your doctor told you? Here are a few links we found helpful to answer some of our questions!


Do you feel like you make need some extra help? Here are some of our favorite online resources that can help you along your journey.

Bezzy is a great app to connect with others just like you! You can say as much or as little as you want.

Knitted Knockers is a fabulous website. If you aren't sure about a prosthetic yet or in the middle of the reconstruction process they will send you free comfortable, yes actually comfortable, inserts. They work solely on donation.​

Cleaning your home is the least of your worries when being diagnosed and going through treatment. Visit Cleaning For A Reason and see if there is a cleaning service in your area that will do two cleanings for free during your treatment.

Looking to over haul the products in your house or ones you put on your body? Checking out Paris Laundry, Just Ingredients and Switch Natural. They make it extremely easy to make switches as you get done using products.

This last page has a TON of resources. Too many to list. Visit National Breast Cancer Resources for other websites that may help you through your journey.

Genevieve Helping Hands

This is a local and online resource that provides nutritional education and grants for hotel stays and meals for young women in recovery or in need of respite. This nonprofit is a tribute to Genevieve who was taken too soon from metastatic breast cancer. Her family set up this nonprofit to help those who may need some extra time to heal while going through treatment. The grant that is given is used for the start of treatment, for respite during treatment or following other circumstances affecting treatment.  For more information visit their page and fill out the simple and quick form to see if you qualify.

Healing Pines Respite

Because of this amazing non-profit we were connected with Genevieve's Helping Hands. They provide respites for women with cancer at no cost to them. We had the pleasure of doing a dual respite with them in September. If you or someone you know has had cancer and is in need of some TLC head to their website and apply for a respite. 


If you are local to the Fort Bragg area here are some resources we have found helpful!

Fort Bragg Services

Hourly Care

The CDC provides hourly care options. You are allotted so many hours per week. If you find yourself needing more than the allotted time speak with the director about your situation to possible extend these hours.


If you want to seek counseling speak with your chain of command or contact the counseling center. From there they will be able to put you in contact with a provider.

Moore County Services

Drop-In Childcare

Two local groups that offer hourly care are Rugg Rats and Drop Zone Kids. Click on the link to get information to both.

Self Care

Need a break? Healing Pines Respite is ran by a survivor! She helps provide little get aways so you can take a break and rest.


If you need help finding a place to stay or lodging during treatments visit Clara McLean House.

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