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Summer 2021 Must Haves!

By Stephanie

My first summer after active treatment was a trip! I was so excited and had a new lease on life. In the same hand though I wasn't confident in the products I was using. I didn't want to have products that had ingredients that were linked to cancer. I also didn't want to sacrifice having products that I found actually worked. Insert hours of research on the internet and following people on Instagram. I really believe the internet can be what you make of it. With that being said ALWAYS do your own research on a product and see if you are comfortable with the ingredients in it. Also remember that your body works differently than others. What may work for you make not work for others and vice versa. With that said it took me A LOT of trial and error to find what worked for me. I am constantly finding new products I want to try, however the ones I'm going to share today are ones I have stuck with.I also need to give a TON of credit to Paris Laundry. Kelsey is a breast cancer survivor that started her own business. She finds products that not only work but that are clean. When she brings new products on to her site it is always exciting. With that said I still look in to the ingredients. I have tried a few products from her website. Most are great and work for me. Some don't. And that is okay. It takes trial and error. Look below for a list of my favorites for summer!

First up My Chelle Sunscreen. This product works well! The spray goes on evenly, but you do have to put a bit of work into rubbing it in though. It is liked by all in the family, even my husband! We went to the beach a few weeks ago and he used it. He even reapplied after 90 minutes (like you should with any sunscreen) and said it was the first time he didn't burn in a long time after going to the beach. When my kiddos were young I used Think Baby. This is another one you have to rub in thoroughly but it has excellent protection for that sensitive skin our littles have. Either of these work great and are a must if any of your post surgical scars aren't covered. Apply a generous amount to those areas to protect them. Its better to cover them, but if you can't apply the sunscreen!

Second Suntegrity Moisturizing Face Sunscreen. This stuff is AMAZING! It is light weight mineral matte tinted coverage that protects from the sun and blue light. By far one of my favorite products that I wear year round. If I have any spots that need more coverage I use Clove and Hallow concealer. My favorite part is it moisturizes and helps my skin not dry out. This is also a product found on Paris Laundry. This is around $55. When I first saw this I was a little iffy because I wasn't sure if I would like it. Now though they have a sample tube for you to purchase before you buy the full size product. I can tell you though the full size product last me almost a year and is well worth the money!

Third Hello Bello lotion. I know, the first thing you think is, "Hey! That is for babies!" this stuff is one of the items I found I like for my skin. It moisturizes and actually soaks in to my skin. That and I can use it on my kiddos and myself. This gem can be found online or at Walmart.

Fourth Organic Rose Hip Oil! This is the best. I can use it on my face, body and hair. I usually put this on after the lotion has had a chance to soak in. I don't use it everyday. Just when I feel like my skin need an extra boost. It has really helped with evening out my skin and moisturizing my scars. The dryness is real! This can help with that!

As always remember your post active treatment body is changing can it will take some time for you to figure out what works for you. I hope a few of the above items can help you find a place to start! If you have any questions about the above please feel free to reach out!

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