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Military Library System

By Stephanie

Let's talk about some military sources now! When the pandemic first started among all of the concern for our health I was concerned also with our routine. My kiddos and I would go to the library on post every week. We would spend anywhere from an hour to two hours there. Looking at books, reading, playing on the computer with the children's games and then enjoying the park right outside. Well as you all know now that went out the door. Thankfully one of the things I was aware of was the military's online Army MWR library. First let me start by saying that if you are in any branch of the military this library is accessible to you. If you are reading this and not part of the military call your library and ask them if they have an online library. I have found that if you have a library card and they do have an online library you can gain access to it.

Online Sign up and Order Pick up

If you are wanting to grab books from your local military library you can search and find what you are looking for at Army Libraries online. From there you will be prompted to sign in. If you have no signed up prior to this click the online resource tab at the top. It will then give you an email address on who to contact to gain access to having books placed on hold at your local military library. If you have ever checked out books in person or on post you should already have your ID number. It is the number on your military ID. Your pin should be the number you created when you first signed up at your library and entered it. Once you are signed in you will be able to search your libraries book selection as well as DVD, BlueRay and CDs. Once the library has gathered all of your items they will call you with a pick up time. Before you do this though I would call them and be sure that they are doing book pick up.

Online Library

If you rather not drive on post to get books they have a great online library that you can read from the comfort of your phone or iPad. You will first need to download the app OverDrive. From there you will click on Army MWR Libraries. It will lead you to the new Department of Defense Library. The next page will say DoD MWR Libraries. Your sign in will be the same ID number and code that it is to sign in to order books from the library. If you have any questions be sure to click the link above and email the Army Libraries for more information.

Below Step-by-step on your phone pictures!

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