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Lets Talk Lemons

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

By Stephanie

All right ya’ll if cancer did one thing it taught me to read more in to what I am putting in, on and around my body. I would love to tell you I eat and drink healthy 24/7 but that would be a lie. I am human. I enjoy eating out and I enjoy wine. With that said though the more I learn the more I can make better decisions about what to add or take out of the foods/items within my home.

First let me start by saying that I HATE the word diet. It insinuates something temporary and just for the sake of weight loss. Once you do a diet you finish and go right back to your usual habits. What good does that do you or your body?! Instead you should make life style changes. Add small meals, snacks and drinks that are better than your current ones. And if you want to be successful at this start small. Don’t throw out every single thing in your house; you will become overwhelmed and likely finish before you even get started. Once an item runs out look into a healthier option of that item. Where better to start than with water?

Okay I have never been someone who doesn’t love water. It is my drink of choice next to coffee. I drink water so much that I can tell now when my body hasn’t had enough. I recently started reading up on detoxing and its benefits. While reading I found how beneficial drinking 32 oz of water with a whole lemon squeezed in the morning before you eat or drink anything else. According to Cleveland Clinc

some of the benefits include

· Digestion

· Hydration

· Vitamin C

· Potassium boost

· Prevent kidney stones

Note too that if you aren’t a “water drinker” this will add some flavor and make it less boring. Also if you are like many women during chemo treatment one of the side effects can be the loss of taste. This is a great way to possibly help that.

I highly recommend you researching the benefits of lemons yourself. While I listed one website I found many that speak wonders about adding this to your morning routine.

1. Roll the lemon under your hand to loosen up the insides.

2. Get a kabob and stick it in the bottom or top of the lemon. Be sure not to pierce it all the way through.

3. BOOM squeezes out like the squeeze kind! And enjoy!

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