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First Fundraiser

By Stephanie

All of the lovely people who came out to support our group and giving back to the community!

It has been a week and I am still reeling from our first fundraiser. We were blessed that Genevieve's Helping Hands decided to become fiscal partners with us. With this partnership we in turn are FINALLY able to accept donations and take those donations and put them back out in the community for military women with breast cancer. This was all made possible by Forte Fitness. Words cannot express how blessed and humbled we are that they were willing to be there for us and let us be this years recipients of the donations that they take in.

To give you some background Forte Fitness is a gym located in Southern Pines. Two years ago we asked if we could be apart of their Dance Fit For the Cure event. It was there we fell in love with the atmosphere, women and their dedication to fitness. They had approached us to see if we could take the donations a year ago but we were still not in the right spot to do this. After two years we are so excited that we, yes we, are the recipients of the donations. Insert happy dance and screaming like a teenage girl.

The timing of this years event was so crazy. Over the last month our other co-founder was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. To make matters even crazier the day of the fundraiser was her first day of treatment. My emotions were all over the place. Our dream of having some type of financial impact and spreading the word more was happening and we weren't able to share in it together. It made the event mean so much more than it already did. We need to not only spread awareness, but help find a cure. We need to do more locally and help those who are in need in our community.

With that being said we want to give a HUGE thank you to Forte Fitness and Genevieve's Helping Hands. As well as all the local venders and donations that were made. To everyone who showed up in person or who donated from afar you are our heros! You helped our dream come true.

I want to remind you that October may be our month to shine, but that after the month ends this is still something that needs a spot light. Be sure to check yourself. Be sure your friends check themselves. Be sure that when you have a concern that you get it checked out by your doctor. If you are looking to give to research or support women with breast cancer try one of these sites BCRF, YSC, and The Breasties. There are many more ways to give back. Be sure you do the research to know where your money is going.

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