Stephanie is a military wife, teacher and mom of two. In August of 2018 she was diagnosed with stage IIIA breast cancer. She received chemo, double mastectomy with lymph node removal and several rounds of radiation.  She is currently doing endocrine therapy and  has finished up her reconstructive journey.  Since cancer she has found a passion for clean beauty and a healthy workout routine. Since the passing of the co-founder and friend she continues to push forward and strive to make the dreams of this group continue to become a reality.





Mary Alyce was re-diagnosed with cancer in 2021. She was a metastatic for a year and passed in August of 2022. Because of her our group would not be what it is today. We all have a Mary Alyce in us. We will continue to carry on the fire and spirit that she had to help make a difference in this community. Please continue reading  below to learn more about this amazing women!

Mary Alyce is a military wife,  preschool teacher and mom of three. She received her Stage IIIC breast cancer diagnosis at Womack in 2017 while her husband was deployed. Her treatment has included chemo, mastectomies, radiation and drug trials and she is still working on her reconstructive journey, endocrine therapy and figuring out that crazy "new normal" we all find ourselves searching for.